Climate Pact Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, 29.03.2022

WEIQIAO Germany GmbH expresses its interest in becoming a climate partner of the city of Düsseldorf within the framework of the Düsseldorf Climate Pact between City & Business. This is done with the aim of drawing up and subsequently signing a climate protection agreement in dialog with the city and potential partners. The target timeframe for this is the second half of 2022. In preparation for this, the city of Düsseldorf will offer a workshop and bilateral talks in the first half of 2022.

On October 7, 2021, the initial partners, the city of Düsseldorf, the Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Düsseldorf Chamber of Crafts (Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf) and the Düsseldorf District Chamber of Crafts (Kreishandwerkerschaft Düsseldorf), concluded the Düsseldorf Climate Pact with the business community. Now the implementation of this agreement is starting. We are looking forward to as many Düsseldorf companies as possible joining in and becoming part of this movement for more climate neutrality.

About WEIQIAO Germany GmbH:

WEIQIAO Germany GmbH is a European subsidiary and European headquarters of the Chinese Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group. The group includes three listed companies, two of which are listed in Hong Kong, 12 domestic and overseas production sites and over 100,000 employees worldwide. The group covers the complete value chain of the textile and aluminum industry.