International advanced technology for aluminum electrolysis successfully developed and in use at Weiqiao

Düsseldorf, 22.08.2023

The new “integrated copper-carbon composite cathode technology for aluminum electrolysis” is of critical importance worldwide.

This was the conclusion of an evaluation panel of experts and scientists that met at Shandong WeiqiaoPioneering Group on August 10.

The technology has not only achieved remarkable results in energy saving and carbon reduction, but also impressive results in extending equipment life and protecting the environment. This technology achieves stable operation of large-capacity aluminum electrolytic cells at lower voltages by using all-copper conductive rods and cold precision assembly. This technology is widely used in the production line of Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group. Testing of the technology began in 2016, and after seven years of continuous research and testing in several electrolysis tanks, encouraging results have been achieved in energy saving and environmental protection.

The technology was jointly researched by Shandong Hongtuo Industry Co., Ltd (Weiqiao Group), Northeastern University Design Institute (Co., Ltd.), TOKAI COBEX GmbH, China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd.

The evaluation panel was composed of experts and scholars from Chinese Academy of Engineering, Central South University, Xinjiang Tianshan Aluminum and other institutions.


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