Opening ceremony of the Weiqiao (Suzhou) Lightweight Research Center

Düsseldorf, 04.05.2023

On 21 April, the opening ceremony of the Weiqiao (Suzhou) Lightweight Research Center took place on the picturesque Huoli Island of Xiangcheng District in Suzhou. The ceremony was attended by Bo Zhang, CEO of Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group, Lixin Cui, Chairman of Innovation Group, Hai Zhang, Director of Weiqiao (Suzhou) Lightweight Research Center, and Jiamin Su, Chairman of Shandong Hong’Ao Automotive Lightweight Technology Co. Ltd. and Suzhou Aojie Automotive Technology Co. Ltd. among others.  

The Weiqiao (Suzhou) Lightweight Research Center is a scientific research institution funded by the Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group. Using the Weiqiao Group’s high-quality resources, it focuses on researching new materials and new methods for lightweight aluminium alloys. The research focus is on production stability and technical application research of lightweight aluminium alloy materials for the automotive industry.   

Currently, the Weiqiao (Suzhou) Lightweight Research Center is in the process of building a research team of nearly 30 people and establishing a complete research and development system with four research departments: The Research Institute of High Performance Material Design and Preparation Technologies, Research Institute of Numerical Simulation and Structural Design, Research Institute of Advanced Joining Technologies, and Research Institute of Resource Recycling and Environmentally Friendly Preparation of Aluminium Alloys. In the future, the Weiqiao (Suzhou) Lightweight Research Center will play an important technical role in the fields of transport, marine engineering and the shipbuilding industry. 


About WEIQIAO Germany GmbH:

WEIQIAO Germany GmbH is a European subsidiary and European headquarters of the Chinese Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group. The group includes three listed companies, two of which are listed in Hong Kong, 12 domestic and overseas production sites and over 100,000 employees worldwide. The group covers the complete value chain of the textile and aluminum industry.