The first GPT-based con­trol sys­tem for UAV logist­ics launched

Düs­sel­dorf, 06.06.2023

From the Weiqiao Group: The Aerospace Centre of the WQ & UCAS Research Academy (Weiqiao) has suc­cess­fully launched the world’s first GPT-based con­trol sys­tem for UAV (Unmanned Aer­i­al Vehicle) logist­ics togeth­er with Ant­work (Hang­zhou).  

Accord­ing to Dr Zip­ing Yu, head of R&D at the Aerospace Centre, GPT as a nat­ur­al lan­guage pro­cessing mod­el, has strong data ana­lys­is and decision-mak­ing cap­ab­il­ity. It can pro­cess large amounts of data and extract valu­able inform­a­tion from it, as well as ana­lyse UAV sensor data, flight logs and mis­sion reports in real time. GPT is able to effi­ciently determ­ine demand pri­or­it­ies, traffic con­di­tions and resource util­isa­tion and provide bet­ter task and path plan­ning solu­tions for UAV logist­ics applic­a­tions. The intro­duc­tion of GPT as a key com­pon­ent in algorithmic plan­ning tech­no­logy is an effect­ive way for the effi­cient devel­op­ment of UAV logist­ics.  

The applic­a­tion of GPT in the field of UAV logist­ics  is prom­ising. It brings new solu­tions to the areas of med­ic­al emer­gen­cies and inner-city deliv­ery, where drones are already used today. 


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