The first GPT-based control system for UAV logistics launched

Düsseldorf, 06.06.2023

From the Weiqiao Group: The Aerospace Centre of the WQ & UCAS Research Academy (Weiqiao) has successfully launched the world’s first GPT-based control system for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) logistics together with Antwork (Hangzhou).  

According to Dr Ziping Yu, head of R&D at the Aerospace Centre, GPT as a natural language processing model, has strong data analysis and decision-making capability. It can process large amounts of data and extract valuable information from it, as well as analyse UAV sensor data, flight logs and mission reports in real time. GPT is able to efficiently determine demand priorities, traffic conditions and resource utilisation and provide better task and path planning solutions for UAV logistics applications. The introduction of GPT as a key component in algorithmic planning technology is an effective way for the efficient development of UAV logistics.  

The application of GPT in the field of UAV logistics  is promising. It brings new solutions to the areas of medical emergencies and inner-city delivery, where drones are already used today. 


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