Weiqiao Pioneering Group ranks 172nd in the Fortune Top 500 in the world!

Düsseldorf, 04.08.2023

Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group ranks 172nd on this year’s Fortune Global 500 list with a turnover of 74,923 million US dollars. In 2022, Weiqiao set a new record with a turnover of more than 500 billion yuan, securing a place on the list of the world’s top-selling companies published annually by the American business magazine Fortune for the twelfth consecutive year.

Since the group was first included in the ranks of the world’s top-selling companies in 2012, it has actively driven reform, innovation, industrial change, modernisation and growth momentum. This has enabled it to leverage technological change and scientific breakthroughs to create further key competitive advantages for the company and build on previous ones.

In both core businesses, textile and aluminium, Weiqiao will promote the transformation of enterprises into high-end intelligent production facilities and consistently pursue the path of environmentally friendly, low-carbon and high-quality development.


About WEIQIAO Germany GmbH:

WEIQIAO Germany GmbH is a European subsidiary and European headquarters of the Chinese Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group. The group includes three listed companies, two of which are listed in Hong Kong, 12 domestic and overseas production sites and over 100,000 employees worldwide. The group covers the complete value chain of the textile and aluminum industry.