Foundation of the “WEIQIAO European Technology Innovation Center”

Düsseldorf, 11.05.2022

WEIQIAO Germany GmbH takes advantage of Germany as a location for industry, technology, and research to establish the ” WEIQIAO European Technology Innovation Center”.  The main objective of the center is to expand WEIQIAO’s research capabilities, but also to promote investment and trade in Europe and open up new markets.

Current R&D areas are:

  • Lightweight technology (materials, processes)
  • New energy (mainly hydrogen, energy storage)
  • Recycling (mainly recycling of used batteries)
  • Textile

The new establishment of “WEIQIAO European Technology Innovation Center” is a milestone for WEIQIAO Group to make a breakthrough in Europe. It will expand WEIQIAO’s global research system and improve WEIQIAO Group’s competitiveness through advanced technology. We additionally hope that this will increase the international awareness of the WEIQIAO brand. It forms the basis of our holistic strategy, which combines technology, innovation, and internationality. The ” WEIQIAO European Technology Innovation Center” is expected to become a leading European research facility and integration platform for advanced industrial applications, and a focal point for global talents in related industries.

About WEIQIAO Germany GmbH:

WEIQIAO Germany GmbH is a European subsidiary and European headquarters of the Chinese Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group. The group includes three listed companies, two of which are listed in Hong Kong, 12 domestic and overseas production sites and over 100,000 employees worldwide. The group covers the complete value chain of the textile and aluminum industry.