Cooper­a­tion in the Field of Renew­able Energy Storage

Düs­sel­dorf, 31.10.2022

On the 19th Octo­ber, Bo Zhang, Chair­man of the Weiqiao Pion­eer­ing Group, vis­ited the Ger­man Aerospace Cen­ter in Stut­tgart. There he dis­cussed the cooper­a­tion in the field of renew­able energy stor­age with Prof. Dr. Thess, Head of the Insti­tute for Build­ing Ener­get­ics, Ther­mo­tech­no­logy and Energy Stor­age at the Uni­ver­sity of Stut­tgart, as well as Dr. Peng, CEO of Most2Energy, and signed a memor­andum of stra­tegic cooper­a­tion. Mr. Zhang poin­ted out that China is the world lead­er in the devel­op­ment and use of renew­able energy and that there is there­fore a huge demand for energy stor­age. Weiqiao Group is strongly focus­ing on its dual-car­bon strategy and new energy plans by expand­ing its energy stor­age busi­ness and by cre­at­ing demon­stra­tion pro­jects. The cooper­a­tion between the three part­ners from China and Germany will lead to com­ple­ment­ary advant­ages in resources, tech­no­logy and mar­kets, pro­mote the devel­op­ment of China’s energy stor­age mar­ket and sup­port the Weiqiao Group in its eco-friendly and high-qual­ity development.


About WEIQIAO Germany GmbH:

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